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Aditi Dubey

Aditi Dubey is one of the most renowned names in beauty industry. Being a part of aviation for more than a decade training a lot of cabin crew, she has always had a natural gravitation towards makeup and beauty. Aditi’s forte is doing bridal and traditional makeup, never she excels when it comes to you doing red carpets, celebrities and photoshoots. For Aditi and her team each bride is very special and they believe in giving exquisite an exclusive look to each bride of theirs.

Till date Aditi has dolled up many brides and has developed a very strong bond with each and every bride because of her humble and empowering nature.

She started her career as a cabin crew at a very young age of 18 and has almost explored the world, different cultures, nationalities, customs and their styling and makeup sense. After flying for a few years only she knew that her next calling is to be a renowned and famous makeup artist. She conducts a lot of online and offline makeup courses and skin care solutions around the globe. With the team of seasoned and committed enthusiasts she caters to the need of the need of 15 years to 70 years old clients.

Playing different roles being a professional artist and entrepreneur, a trainer, customer focused person and a yoga trainer she doesn’t even come close to the biggest responsibility of being a mother. She strongly believes that teaching is learning and beautifying a woman is empowering the women.

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